Diagonal Scarf

Printable Instructions with Pictures:
Scarf will drape gracefully over your shoulder with a broach. You may make it wide as these instructions or narrow. If you are skinny or add enough inches, it will serve as a matching belt from the fabric of your newly made outfit. Experiment with different widths, lengths and fabrics.
You can make this scarf in about an hour or less
after you sew your quilt squares together.
The formula is for each inch wide go six inches long.
The scarf on the right has six (6) ten inch squares which makes it ten inches wide and sixty inches long to begin sewing.
I used scrap material and sewed three quilt squares. I alternated with ten inch squares of fabric between them. The stretch in the fabric was a challenge which caused me to adjust the length when I turned the tube inside out.
To make a solid scarf, cut a piece of fabric on the straight
ten inches by sixty inches.
Lay fabric flat with the right side up, longways left to right.
Grip top corner to hold it in place. Lift bottom corner to the top edge of fabric and pin the edge together.
Start sewing at the point to the corner.
Lift sewing maching foot with needle down and turn corner.
(You may want to pin it all first.)
Match opposite edges like sewing a pillow case.

Turn fabric.
Lift bottom side to the top edge of fabric
and pin the edge together.
Allow it to form and tube in a spiral.
Sew to the other end at corner.
The seam line will go diagonally
from one end of the scarf to the other.
Trim excess tip off of sewn corner
where you started so it will turn neatly.
Turn scarf right side out, and close opening.
The scarf should have a point at both ends and lay flat.
Soft fabric will sometimes pucker or bunch,
but that can add to the style of the scarf.

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